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ViaVii Supports Lebanese Artists by Providing New Online Art Experiences

صراحة الاردنية
24 فبراير 2021
البنك التجاري الأردني
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البنك الأهلي الأردني

The previous year was hard for most, but it was especially harsh for the people in Beirut after the devastating events of April 8th 2020. Many endeavors are still being carried out in order to help those facing hardships in Lebanon, and one special endeavor is that of ViaVii. In support of struggling Lebanese artists, ViaVii is providing new online art experiences with all the proceeds directed towards helping the Community of Lebanese Artists to revive the art community in Lebanon.
ViaVii, through its online platform, has attracted an audience with special and deep appreciation of travel, culture, and art. This made ViaVii capable of rallying support and interest in Lebanese art through unique online experiences involving various Lebanese artists. On top of providing means of work to these artists, those personalized experiences will also help direct donations to The Community of Lebanese Artists which aims is to create a union for all Lebanese Artists to flourish and develop the art world in Lebanon.
By participating with this endeavor, people from all around the world will not only support a good cause, but also they will experience a full journey of Lebanese art while staying safe at home. Art enthusiasts can now learn more about the art world in Lebanon, listen to inspiring stories directly from Lebanese artists, and get inspirations from another country despite current global travel restrictions.
“Beirut is always in our hearts, thoughts, and prayers,” said ViaVii’s Head of Growth Mr. Ramzi Madanat, “That is why we are determined to support Lebanon in our own way; by donating to The Community Of Lebanese Artists with the help of new online experiences showcasing different Lebanese artists. We hope to take part in reviving the art scene in Lebanon after such a hard year.”
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