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Canada celebrates Jordanian women and peacebuilders making a difference in their own communities

صراحة الاردنية
4 مارس 2021
البنك التجاري الأردني

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البنك الأهلي الأردني

Amman –  saraha news

Government of Canada officials, represented by Her Excellency Donica Pottie, joined Jordanian women leaders, civil society organizations, and IREX President and CEO Kristin Lord, for a virtual closing ceremony of IREX’s Families in the Digital Age (FADA). The event celebrated Jordanian women, peacebuilders and community leaders who have cultivated messages of inclusivity and empowerment through technology and the arts.
Launched in 2018 through Government of Canada support, FADA promotes gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls in Jordan through digital and medial literacy training. Participants then go onto develop practical solutions to digital challenges in their communities. Some of the most recent activities included: a Film Club in Balqa’, a Digital Legal Clinic in Tafileh, a photography-based initiative in Tafileh and Jerash, and a video tutorial initiative in Irbid on how to safely use online platforms. More than 4000 women across Jordan received training on internet safety, media and digital literacy, as well as leadership skills to better understand their family’s digital footprint and how to stay safe online.
During the ceremony, Ambassador Donica Pottie noted, “COVID-19 has forced families online like never before. Online safety, media literacy and critical thinking are essential digital skills for parents and children to navigate the online world. Just as you would not send your child out into the real world without the ability to recognize danger, why do we send our children online without these same life-saving skills? That is why Canada believes so strongly in the IREX’s Learn to Discern curriculum.”
The methodology used in the FADA program helps people consume and process information more critically, engage with information more responsibly, and contribute to stopping the spread of hate speech, harmful narratives, and other types of misinformation. IREX’s flagship approach to media and information literacy is called Learn to Discern, or L2D for short. According to IREX President and CEO Kristin Lord, “L2D teaches responsible and empathy-driven behaviors for sharing information, which rely on critical thinking, emotional awareness, and self-regulation to help people build resilience to manipulation.” IREX is offering numerous adaptations of L2D around the world in public health initiatives, classrooms and school curricula, libraries, community centers, fellowship programs, and peer-to-peer networks, added Dr. Lord.
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