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Culture Minister, British envoy discuss cultural cooperation

صراحة الاردنية
24 فبراير 2021
البنك التجاري الأردني
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البنك الأهلي الأردني

Minister of Culture, Bassem Tweissi, met Tuesday with UK Ambassador to Jordan, Bridget Brind, for a discussion on cultural ties between the two friendly countries.

During Ambassador Brind’s visit to the Ministry of Culture, which dealt with the cultural relations between the two countries, and the Kingdom’s celebration of the state’s centennial, Tweissi said: “The centennial celebration focuses on the knowledge aspect of the state and society, and includes about 30 programs in various fields, the actual implementation of most of them has begun.”

In a press issued by the ministry, Tweissi expressed hope that the celebration would be an opportunity for more international understanding of Jordan’s position and its historical role, and that it would present the image of the Jordanian state as a model for stability, and a success story that would be a factor for more self-confidence.

He added that the celebration plan includes various programs of a cultural and societal nature, including the National Program for Documentation, and the publishing plan that includes issuing five books on Jordan and translating them into global languages, including English, as well as the future aspiration program that relates to imagining Jordan in the second centennial. It aims to increase youth participation in shaping the second centennials picture.

Tweissi highlighted a set of cultural priorities, including: preserving the national heritage and the national document by preparing a national register of documents, as well as the need to pay attention to arts, pointing out to the positive role of culture and arts in facing violence and extremism.

He said that the priorities are concerned with encouraging young people to think about culture and the arts as a means of production, adding that the Ministry is working through the Business Accelerator to establish companies concerned with developing content, artistic production and cultural projects.

For her part, Ambassador Brind expressed hope that her country would participate in the celebration of the centennial of the foundation of the Jordanian state to further strengthening relations and consolidating a hundred years of partnership and cooperation.

The ambassador hinted at the possibility of leveraging the British archive to create a program on the historical relations between the two countries.

Brind called for increasing opportunities for cultural, expertise, ideas and skills exchange in the future between Jordanian and British youth.

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